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Snipers 'Announce Trailer'

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Snipers 'Announce Trailer'

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Windson7 каза 17.01.2012, 17:45 ч. :

Snipers: The 2012 CoD clone*! All the quickscoping action, without the noobs who use rifles and machineguns! Buy it NOW!

* Game might include/cause quickscoping kids who scream on the microphone.

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Zlob каза 18.01.2012, 12:45 ч. :

:D На всичкото отгоре снайпериста може да става невидим... WTF ?!

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kingofhell978 каза 18.01.2012, 13:32 ч. :

Е,че то това го имаше и в Crysis 2.
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